Hot Lunches Ready to Go

Every weekday, our kitchen prepares fresh, hot lunches for you and your co-workers to grab on the go. If you are tired of the same old lunch every day, then give us a try. The menu changes every week so there is always something new. Come in every Friday for “Pizza Friday” and get your weekend off to a tasty start!

Week of October 18th, 2021


Whitey’s Chili $5.19/bowl

Chicken Fried Rice $6.99/lb

Vegetable Egg Rolls $0.80/ea

Meatball Sub $5.99/ea


Chicken & Dumpling Soup $5.19/bowl

Breaded Pork Chops $4.00/ea

Brussel Sprouts w/Bacon $6.49/lb

Meatball Sub $5.99/ea

Sausage & Peppers $5.99/lb


Wedding Soup $5.19/bowl

Chicken Noodle Casserole $6.49/lb

Broccoli w/Pine Nuts $6.49/lb

Meatball Sub $5.99/ea

Sausage & Peppers $5.99/lb


Beef Barley Soup $5.19/lb

Pot Roast $11.99/lb

Mashed Potatoes $5.99/lb

Meatball Subs $5.99/ea


Assorted Pizza $2.50/slice

Meatball Sub $5.99/ea

Saturday & Sunday

Meatball Sub $5.99ea