Homemade Sausage

Made the Same way for 50 years.

Our Market has become famous for our homemade sausage. Our butchers have been following the family recipe, which has been perfected and handed down through four generations. Our sausage uses better cuts of pork, and all natural ingredients, we give you more meat and less fat. Our sausage contains no MSG or other bi-products or fillers. It’s safe to say there’s no better place in North East Ohio to grab a few pounds of Italian sausage. We have three styles to choose from, Regular, Hot, and Sicilian.

Regular Italian Sausage

Our regular Italian sausage is our most popular style. It is a traditional Italian sausage made with fresh pork, fennel seed, salt pepper and other spices.

Hot Italian Sausage

Our hot sausage is a spicier version of our regular sausage. For those who enjoy things a little hotter, this style was made for you.

Sicilian Sausage

Our Sicilian sausage is as unique as the island that it is named after. It is made with fresh pork, ground tomatoes, fresh garlic and Parmesan cheese. This is a must try for any sausage lover.